Alpine Tennis Utah Policies

Coaching goals – What you can expect from us

Our goals are to teach the game of tennis so that you can excel and reach your maximum potential. That includes Technique (How to hit the ball well), Tactics (how to build your points), Physical (fitness) and sportsmanship (respect for the game). We pride ourselves in having an exceptional tennis coaching staff and we want you to be on your way to enjoy the game in a short period.


Management goals

To provide the best managed Tennis Facility and allow maximum enjoyment to the entire membership.
To offer a variety of quality tennis programs so that all our members can participate and enjoy their club.
To make sure the rules, prices, programs and policies are fair and equitable to all our members.


Junior classes – Goals & Expectations

In all our classes you can expect to:

  1. Learn a skill – Technical or Tactical
  2. Play points with others and learn to compete
  3. Learn technique right the 1st time
  4. Dynamic and fitness classes
  5. Enjoy the game and have fun


Adult league play for non members

Outside players are allowed in order to help fill our own teams. They can attend one round robin a week during league, but no workouts. A brand new team members who have NEVER attended a workout can attend one time, paying the guest rate ($20). Cost $50 per season.


Private Lessons Costs

Please contact the club for information 801-331-6006


Junior Classes Enrollment


1. There is a Junior Tennis PRIORITY Pre-Registration period for full dues paying members as follows:

  • Fall: Register by July 15
  • Winter: Register by December 10
  • Summer: Register by May 15

2. If a tennis class is full, junior members may be bumped out of the class at the beginning of seasons (Fall and Winter) for:

  • New members who pay full dues, OR,
  • At any time during the year for a new full dues paying member
  • After the above dates registration is open to all members. Junior tennis members may enroll in tennis classes and will not be bumped out of the class by an existing full dues paying member (since full dues paying members had to privilege to pre-register).

3. If a Junior Tennis Member terminates his/her membership and then decides to reactivate the membership, the $125 initiation fee must be paid again.

4. Junior Tennis Memberships

  • Limited to 100 total memberships, OR,
  • Allowed to exceed 100 total memberships if space is available in the tennis class

5. Indoor Season Policies: PLEASE READ

  • You must be a club member to participate in all indoor programs (Excludin Pee Wee’s). Lessons are billed on the amount of classes per month basis: Example: If you sign up for Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.5 hours each class and there are a total of 8 Tuesdays and Thursdays, then you will be billed for a total of 12 hours for that month.
  • When signing up a student, you are buying a spot in the program and are therefore charged whether you attend or not. Once you have registered for a class, you are automatically signed up for the following month and do not need to register again for the next month.
  • Billing: You are charged for the entire month once the month begins, regardless of when you drop out of the program during that month.
  • We have waiting lists for most classes. Please let us know when you are dropping out of a session. This will enable us to accomodate other players and ensure that you will not be billed past that month. Also, your spot is not guaranteed to be available should you decide to come back.
  • Cancellation: If you decide to opt out of the program, you are required to pay until the end of the month that you notified us. You must inform us by email to . Cancelling over the phone is no longer an option.


Outdoor season

We offer 1 week junior tennis camps in the summer. These camps are open to Non-members. This is the only time that a non-member junior player can participate in our classes. It is a great way to find out if you like our club and tennis classes.


Membership Information

We offer 3 kinds of memberships at the Ivory Ridge Swim & Tennis Club:

  1. Full Equity Family – $5,000 buy-in and $90/month dues. You become a part owner.
  2. Junior tennis – $125 initiation and $25/ month dues. This membership is for the use of the tennis club only. The fitness and swimming facilities are excluded.
  3. Membership Leasing: 1 or 2 years. Call 801-331-6000 and ask for Tamarafor more information.

For more information you can visit


Court Reservation and Pricing

You can make a court reservation up to 7 days in advance. You can book the courts on a first come – first serve basis.
Important: We open and close our tennis courts based on courts reservation. This is very different from other clubs but all we ask is that you make a reservation anytime during our hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 6:00 am. to 9:00 pm.


Summer Courts price:

Indoor: $8.00/hr any time. (Memorial Day to Labor day)
Outdoor: Free for our members!!


Cancellation Policy

You must cancel your court reservation or tennis lesson 24 hours in advance in order not to be charged for it. To cancel junior tennis classes, you must contact Lindsay or Winnie directly.



Our Pro-Shop offers: Racquets, strings, and accessories. We carry Head and Babolat. We realize that you have many options to purchase your tennis equipment. Our goal is to provide a ” one stop shopping” and the best of each brand at a comparable price with great service. We match the price of Tennis warehouse in order to assure you made the best deal!!